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Lenka Zivcakova TR IDTE

Dog trainer & Behaviour consultant

Applied Animal Herbal Choices (Applied Zoopharmacognosy) consultant

I have gained my qualification and training from Turid Rugaas, a world renowned expert on dog communication and welfare, and president of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe organization. I also hold a Diploma in Canine Psychology and I regularly attend seminars and take courses about dogs and their behaviour. But above all that I love dogs and I am committed to their welfare and well-being.


I only use gentle, kind, force-free and reward-based training techniques, ensuring that each dog has appropriate choices and opportunities to act out normal dog behaviours. My goal is to help you find solutions to your dog's problems and gain confidence and understanding in everyday situations. Recognizing what your dog's needs are and understanding what is he communicating will lead to a more fulfilling relationship with your four-legged friend and avoid many future problems from arising.

I am a strong believer in allowing dogs to make choices for themselves and as such this is an import part of how I work and teach clients and their dogs. Rather than expecting constant and strict obedience I encourage owners to see the world through their dog's eyes, promote their ability to think for themselves and find a healthy balance so that their relationship with their dog can thrive.

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