Training Courses/Qualifications

International Dog Trainer Education

Applied Herbal Choices for Dogs and Cats

Instructor/Awarding Body

Turid Rugaas (PDTE)

Jo Rose (Rose Therapies and Training)


Understanding, Managing and Modifying Problem Behaviours

Rethinking Puppy Training and Socialisation

Research and Practical Herbal Knowledge to Support the Microbiome in Animals

Aggression and Reactivity

Management of Arthritis in Dogs for Owners

Canine Nutrition

Animal Care: Dog Whispering & Pet Nutrition

Emotions in dogs: the EMRA perspective and its practical application in every-day life

Intermediate Canine Psychology

An Introduction to Raw Feeding, Hypothyroidism and Vaccinations in the 21st Century

Dogs That Bite and Fight

Canine Aggression It's Causes and How To Prevent It

Dog First Aid Training Course

Do As I Do

It's All About The Dog's Body

Introduction to Canine Psychology

How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs

Understanding the Family Dog

An Introduction to Canine Self-Medication

Awarding Body/Instructor

Chiraq Patel

Chiraq Patel

Dr. Carol Michael

Dr. Amber Batson

Dr. Hannah Capon

Dr. Ava Frick

Nikki Brown

Robert Falconer-Taylor

Animal Care College, Ascot

Dr. Nick Thompson

David Ryan

Kendal Shepherd

Animal Aiders

Claudia Fugazza

Positive Training for Canines

Animal Care College, Ascot

David Ryan

Animal Care College, Ascot

Caroline Ingraham

Happy Tails

Ethical Puppy and Dog Training /

Behavioural Consultations