Natural Agility

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none of them is wrong."

- W.R. Purche

Did You Know?

You don't need special equipment, ball throwers,  ramps and tunnels or agility class to work your dog's body? Nature provides plenty of obstacles for your dog to exercise his muscles in a gentle and safe way. Allow your dog plenty of opportunities to have off lead time on your walks and let him use his brain to explore his own abilities and limitations, learn to use his body sensibly, gain balance and confidence and think for himself. Let him follow his nose and go off the beaten track, climb hills and alternate surfaces you walk on but always remember to give him choice to engage in the activity and never force him to do anything just to see if he can do it. Bring plenty of enthusiasm, appropriate clothing and footwear, a bottle of water and a snack for you both next time you go for a walk.

This type of activity a great fun and beneficial for all dogs but especially those that have been in shelters, kept in crates, are unbalanced, stiff or undergoing post surgery rehabilitation, or lack self-esteem and confidence.

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