Testimonials from our Furry clients...

Hi, I’m Brock and I travelled to my family all the way from Crete. 

I’m a very good puppy and was from the very start. I settled in nicely in my new life but my new family wanted the confidence to let me run free, play with other dogs and play nicely with my 4 year old human brother (who’s a bit like a naughty puppy himself at times!).

The training was always about the humans learning about puppy behaviour and thanks to Lenka teaching them, my family now have all the puppy confidence they need and they know I’ll always come back to them. I really liked meeting other dogs that Lenka introduced me to. I’ve learned a lot about doggy manners, some things only an older dog can teach. Thank you.

Hi, I'm Poppy, I'm ten months old and I had a peeing and pooing problem my human didn't know how to overcome and it was making life really stressful for everyone in my house. I also liked to chew things when left alone and my dad was not a happy human when I ate the tumble dryer. In fact I was very close to being returned to my breeder until we asked Lenka to help. Everyone says I'm really intelligent and maybe that helped but it was Lenka who introduced changes to the way we lived together and now I ring the bell to go outside and I stopped eating tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers. I still give Lucy our old Labrador a nip every now and then but that's just to keep her on her toes! My dad says Lenka is brilliant. I don't know what brilliant is but I do like her because now I can stay with my family. Thank you Lenka.

Hi, my name is Maisie. I came all the way from Romania, to live in England, with my new family.

When I arrived I was very confused and frightened of all the new sights and sounds around me, and I think I was very hard to handle for my new family.

Luckily they called in Lenka to help them, who taught my family to control my behaviour and communicate with me so much better.

Things are now looking a lot better, and I am enjoying a much happier and settled life in England.

Well hello, my name's Harley and I'm seven years old.  As as you can see from my photo I'm just a tiny little pipsqueak.  For so long I was afraid of so many dogs but now I'm becoming braver and braver.  My owner's tried all sorts to try to help me to be less reactive and more relaxed, all the leadership techniques that doggy websites advise you to do but I never changed.  I've always had doggy friends I could trust but some dogs were just too much for me so I'd bark and charge at them to try to scare them off.  My owners were so fed up as I would do my business in the house sometimes too, just because something I heard would scare me mind.  Anyway, they heard about a lady called Lenka who could maybe help and they loved me so much they thought they'd give her a try. They did everything she said right down to even getting me a comfy new harness and lead and we are all so much more chilled now, enjoying more relaxing walks.  I still come across the odd dog who puts me on edge and I bark a little but I'm much less stressy than I was and my owners are so happy, they only wish they had found Lenka years ago.

Hello, I'm Luna and I come all the way from Poland. I was badly mistreated when I was young and found abandoned in the woods. Luckily some kind people found me just in time and took me to a place humans call a 'dog shelter'. When I arrived I was very scared and didn't trust humans anymore. Then one day, a young lady took me home with her. I spent days hiding behind the sofa and refusing to eat.  My new lady tried very hard to comfort me, but I couldn't bring myself to come out of my hiding place. Then she tried  the advice she was given by another lady called Lenka and the rest is a history.  I came out of my hiding place, started to eat, built up a trust toward my lady and started to feel relaxed around her. After some time I realized that l can trust other humans too! Now I am a proud member of the family and I know what it is like to be loved and understood. I am so grateful for Lenka’s help!

Hello, my name is Bouncer. I was on a farm with my own breed until I was 13 months and was afraid of anything new. My owner has become very confident in taking care of me because of the help and advice she received from Lenka. Now I feel safe when I am faced with a new situation.

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