Puppy Training

“My little dog—

a heartbeat at my feet.”

- Edith Wharton

I offer one-to-one Life Skills for Puppies sessions as an alternative to traditional obedience based group puppy classes. In my experience, these take place in an artificial and often stressful environment and put too much pressure on the dog. This is especially true of puppies at a very young age.


Life Skills for Puppies sessions are designed to build your puppy's confidence gradually and to ensure you have all the tools and understanding necessary to live happily with your dog in years to come.

The programme consists of 6 sessions in total -  3 individual 1:1 sessions and additional 3 social walks. Each session lasts between 60 - 90 minutes and is tailored to your and your puppy's needs.  Social walks allow your puppy to spend quality time in a company of other sociable dogs while you will gain confidence and understanding of dog body language, communication and dog-to-dog interactions.


The first taking place in your home and focusing on correct harness fitting and strategies for teaching your dog via co-operation. The follow-up sessions would normally take place outside and cover among others  recall, socialization, dog to dog interaction, natural agility and mental stimulation.

I provide written materials and brochures for owners to keep and of course I am available to answer any questions you might have between sessions.

Life Skills for Puppies programme is priced at £165.

Puppy buying tips from Dogs Trust

Be wary of puppies advertised with a Pet Passpport. A puppy must be at least 15 weeks old in order to enter Great Britain.

Avoid anywhere advertising multiple breeds of puppies.

Look for clues that the puppy was actually born and reared at breeder's home, such as food bowls and bedding. If the puppy appears scared in its surroundings, it may not have been brought up there.

Spend plenty of time with the puppy. You should not feel rushed or pressured into making a payment.

Visit your puppy more than once.

Check of any signs of illness.

Make sure you see the puppies interacting with their mum, and that she is healthy and happy. Unscrupulous breeders are wise and often bring in 'stunt double' mothers!

Please help transform the lives of illegally imported puppies by getting involved and supporting Dogs Trust's campaign for change by vising www.puppysmuggling.org.uk. Thank you.