Social Walks

"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring -

it was peace."

- Milan Kundera

"Money will buy you a fine dog,

but only love can make it wag its tail."

- R.E. Friendman

Everyone likes company and dogs, being social creatures, are no different! This is a wonderful opportunity for dogs to spend time with other dogs, learn from each other and relax in each other's company. Social walks are highly beneficial for owners with dogs struggling around other dogs or the ones who are fearful.  Come and meet new people and let your dog make new doggy friends.

You will learn about dog etiquette and how to help your dog to manage difficult situations, training tips and much more.


Families and children are welcome. For the safety and comfort of your dog you will be asked to stay with him at all times.

Dogs tend to get most out of the class when only one dog from the household attends the session. However if you have two dogs they are welcome to attend together. You will be asked to stay together as dogs find it difficult to be parted from their friends (human and canine).

Social walks are open to all current and previous clients and are priced at £50 for a block of 5 walks.

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